Tree Care

Here at Takem Out we make it our number one priority to give your trees an honest evaluation.

Our tree care experts will come out and diagnose your tree free of charge.

Preventative care services include:

Often times getting to the bottom of a trees problem takes more than just a look, our experts are trained to honestly assess your trees and recommend any services needed to get to the bottom of your problem.

We offer a range of tree inspection services that help us accurately and reliability diagnose your tree and prescribe the proper treatment accordingly.

Soil Analysis- Test your soil quality and get your true nutrient ratio to see what your tree is missing out on. Often expressed in a 3 number ratio, N-P-K are the 3 vital nutrients your trees need to flourish, if one of these ratios are to high or too low your tree can be taking on unexpected and unnecessary stress.

Tree Risk Assessment- Our trained professionals can conduct a full tree risk assessment that can help you factor in every factor of your trees development. This checklist looks over the entire health of your tree, from root to crown. This can help uncover underlying problems and also gives you a vision of just how stressed your tree is and gives us the ability to prescribe the correct course of action with your tree.

Soil Mitigation- After we have analyzed your soil and have the proper details, we may prescribe soil mitigation with fertilizer if your soil lacks one of the 3 major nutrients needed. This helps introduce only the nutrients you need to the soil and eventually the tree

Tree Injections- After diagnosing your tree we may recommend tree injections to provide your tree with either fertilizer, pesticide, or fungicide to help your tree fight whatever issues it may be fighting. Injections are a great way to treat your tree and protect your loved ones from chemical exposure. Effective for Emerald Ash Borer, Alpine Beetle, and a range of other tree pests/ fungle growths.

Pruning and Removal- Sometimes the best and only way to mitigate your trees health issues is pruning out diseased parts of the tree or removal of the tree as a whole to stop a pest or disease from spreading tree to tree. We do everything in our power to mitigate your trees issues, but sometimes this is our only option. This is why it’s important to always get your trees assessed early and assessed often.

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